Homeschool guitar lessons Made Easy

March 17, 2011

Homeschool guitar lessons Made Easy

Homeschool guitar lessons Made Easy – Have you ever wanted a different subject to teach your kids why not try Homeschool guitar lessons created by Legacy Learning Systems the makers of Gibson’s Learn and master guitar.A great start and an easy way to introduce guitar lessons for beginners.

They have introduced a  2-Year Guitar course with a step-by-step Curriculum Designed for Home School families.

You don’t even need to know anything about guitar playing or have any previous experience with music to complete this course as this system has all the instructions you will every need to learn the guitar. It’s a dream come true homeschooling course.

Homeschool guitar lessons Made Easy – You will be able to teach your kids and yourself (if you want to), using this Guitar-Learning system. Can you image the satisfaction of knowing that you have taught your kids the gift of guitar playing and you did it with the help of Steve Krenz (the teacher in the videos), stevens (an excellent guitarist) and the team at Legacy Learning Systems.

Some background about Steve Krenz –  He is trained musician and holds a degree in music as well as a wealth of professional playing experience. Steve has helped thousands of guitarists in over 95 countries across the globe with his Gibson’s Learn and master guitar course.

Homeschool guitar lessons Made Easy – So how do the homeschool guitar lessons work?

Firstly with this guitar homeschool student edition course you have a step by step 68-Page Teacher’s guide which has categories with a a detailed teaching plan for your students and 2-DVD Teacher’s Resource to help with guided study.The homeschooling teachers resource pack will give you a head start with the beginner guitar lessons and will help you have more fun with your master guitar homeschool student.

Each week you will given tasks for your children to complete the first week they will learn the basics of the guitar.

  • Parts of the guitar e.g the fret board, 1st & 2nd strings
  • guitar string names
  • string notes & exercises
  • how to tune the guitar
  • understanding guitar tablature
  • Chord blocks
  • learning the first chords C and G7

Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar – Homeschool Edition Video

Click here to visit gibson’s learn & master guitar homeschool edition

Homeschool guitar lessons Made Easy

Homeschool guitar lessons Made Easy – Weeks 2 and 3 you will move onto learning to read music, and this is where your kids will start to learn some easy guitar songs, ode to joy, jingle bells, London bridge is falling down and skip to my Lou.

As you can see there is a lot of information for your homeschool student to learn and the great thing is you don’t have to sort out the lesson plans yourself they are all done for you problem is solved.

So for the 36 weeks in the school year this will be one part of your home schooling that is a laid out for you, what more could you ask for.

  • You will be shown how to Set Your Students Up For Success
  • You will have all your Sessions Outline for you
  • Skills Evaluation Chart to help you measure your kids progress
  • Plus you will also have questions to ask and the answers are available for you so you don’t have to worry about learning the subject in great detail yourself.

Homeschool guitar lessons Made Easy – You will receive 20 professionally produced DVDs each filmed in HD high quality video instruction. (This really helps, because you can see finger placements really clearly in each video session)

You have over 40 hours of dvd guitar lessons instruction that’s starts with Parts of the guitar, names of guitar strings, guitar tuning in the first lesson and guides your through the whole process of guitar playing, right up to Soloing Techniques & Ear Training. You will even find out All the Chords You Need To Know, Chord Formulas, Abbreviations & Inversions. Also included for your children to work through is a 100+ page lesson book.

Homeschool guitar lessons Made Easy – This allows them to work through their home school guitars course anywhere. If it’s a nice day why not sit outside in the fresh air for their practicing lesson. The great thing about this course is you can take your time and you don’t need to rush.

If your kids don’t understand the lesson the first time then you can just repeat the material so no student left behind!.

If you come up with a problem or there is a part of the course that you don’t understand then you don’t need to worry as there is unlimited access to the online student support site.

The other great thing is if you purchase the homeschool guitar lessons pack and you decided that this isn’t right for you and doesn’t fit in with your homeschooling plans then the guys at Legacy Learning Systems have a 60 day money back guarantee giving you peace of mind.

Click here to visit gibson’s learn & master guitar homeschool edition

This is one of the Most Cost-Effective Ways to Provide a Musical Education program for your kids.

Did you know that the average prices on guitar lessons for a 30-minute guitar lesson costs around $35 a session.

So that’s $35 x 4 sessions a month = $140 a month

$140 x 12 months + $1600 per year

$1600 x 2 years = $3200.00 and that’s only for 1 child!

So buying learn and master guitar home school edition will save you around $3000.

Plus teaching your kids at home you don’t have to worry about travel costs, scheduling  lessons, finding a good teacher that your kids like and trust.

Homeschool guitar lessons Made Easy – The great thing is if you homeschool guitar you can avoid all the hassle and teach your kids in the comfort and safety of your own home, you can choose when lessons start, you can decide on your own schedule and the best part of all YOU WILL BE SAVING TIME AND MONEY.

Homeschool guitar lessons Made Easy – So lets just look at what you get again.

  1. You get 2 years of Homeschooling guitar lessons
  2. 68-Page Teacher’s guide with a  detailed teaching plan
  3. Teacher’s Resource 2-DVD set to help with guided study
  4. over 40 hours of DvD guitar lessons instruction
  5. 100+ page student workbook.
  6. Jam-Along CDs
  7. Professional Guitar Instruction
  8. Student Support Forum and Community
  9. 60-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee
  10. And last but not least satisfaction that you have taught your kids how to play the guitar.

Homeschool guitar lessons Made Easy – This is a very comprehensive course with everything you need a guitar for beginners course with this learn and master guitar homeschool addition. Students and teachers will really enjoy this course and when you look through all the material you will realize it’s not same old guitar tutorials  that you can find with some beginner guitar lessons.

Click here to visit gibson’s learn & master guitar homeschool edition

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Well I hope this Homeschool guitar lessons Made Easy review has helped and have fun.

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