JamPlay Review

February 8, 2011

JamPlay Review

JamPlay Review – What do we really think of Jamplay?

JamPlay ReviewJamPlay Review >>   JamPlay Review 5 stars

Publisher: Jamplay Inc.

Website: www.Jamplay.com

Best Price: $19.95

Suitable For: Beginners-Advanced, Kids

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JamPlay Review

Jamplay has firmly established itself as one of the top destinations for online video guitar lessons on the internet. Online since 2007 JamPlay offers the largest catalog of guitar lessons online.Once you join you get unlimited access to almost 450 hours of high-quality video guitar lessons from over 40 instructors there are new lessons added every day for an incredibly low price.

The guitar instructors teach a wide variety of guitar styles, and at different levels from the beginner to advanced and they do this in a very personable and professional manner. So you will find this course works equally well with newbies as well as with experienced guitar players.

You will be surprised at the amount of content on the site it's simply staggering. The Jamplay site is extremely well organized so it's never a problem to find whatever video lessons you're looking for. 

JamPlay Review what about the lessons

jamplay review beginner lessons

JamPlay divides its lessons into three phases.

  • Phase 1 is for beginners you will learn the guitar basics and fundamentals. The lessons start of assuming that you have no previous experience, so absolute beginners can start off here. After the first couple of lessons, you will understand how the guitar works, and how to play your guitar properly. Once you’ve advanced past the very basics, you’ll then start learning other guitar essentials including proper posture, basic chords, strumming techniques, scales and much more. All in all, the beginner lessons do an excellent job of setting you up for the future phases.
  • Phase 2  intermediate guitar learners focuses more on specific genres and styles of guitar. These lessons are divided into two types: Genre Lessons and Specific Techniques.
    The genre lessons focus on specific styles of playing such as: blues, rock, metal, finger style and more while the technique lessons teach you speed, soloing techniques and other advanced concepts.
  • Phase 3 advanced is centered around learning to play actual songs. There is a wide variety of song styles and skill levels to choose from. Beginners could take a look at this section as soon as they join. A few of the artists who’s songs you can learn are: Crosby, Stills & Nash, Eve 6, Goo Goo Dolls, Jet, Jimi Hendrix, John Mayerto name but a few.

JamPlay Videos

Jamplay Review Sample Lessons To get a feel for the quality of lessons Jamplay provides, check out a couple of their free video lessons here, just press play and have a look.
Eve Goldberg: Learnin the "A" Chord
Randall Williams: Useful Music Theory Randall Williams discusses music theory in a useful and practical context.
Nick Greathouse: Pearl Jam – Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town Learn the Pearl Jam hit "Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town" off of their 1993 album
jamplay home page
High Quality Streaming Video Guitar Lessons.
372+ hours of Video Guitar Lessons taught by 35+ instructors having experience in varied Genres and Styles
Online webcam Lessons with the tutors once in a week
200 Songs Lessons
An active student support forum
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JamPlay Review how it works

You select the teacher you want to learn from and then begin following their series of lessons.You can use the progress tracker (a very useful tool), if you’re unable to complete a lesson in one sitting you’ll be greeted by your progress tracker next time you login reminding you that you started a particular lesson but did not complete it. This is a very useful feature not just for marking where you leave off but also reminding you about lessons you've started and not completed.

Besides hundreds of lesson videos JamPlay has some nice bonus features including daily live webcam lessons, a busy community and support website and a bunch of practice tools.

They are live on a webcam and answer your questions and teach short lessons on a specific song, skill or technique.

The video is displayed along with a chat window where you can converse in real-time with the instructor and other students so ask questions and join in plus you get to meet other like minded people .

JamPlay also has a very active membership and support website. In this area you can ask a question to any one of the JamPlay instructors if you get stuck or need help with one of their particular lessons. Also you can chat and interact with other students in the JamPlay community about anything from guitar gear, songs and bands you love or regular old chit chat.

This part of the site is great for beginners being able to contact the instructors directly. When you first start playing it's great to know you have someone to contact that can help you resolve an issue. It's like having your own personal guitar instructor so this will help resolve the issue of the lack of contact with a teacher that some people may miss when taking lessons online rather then in person.

Last but not least, one of the favorite parts of the whole membership is the 400+ jam tracks. These trackscome in a variety of song styles, also basic chord progressions for you to play along with. When you select a jam track from their player you’ll also be given the sheet music, tab and suggested scales to use for jamming along with that song.

The great thing is about this part of the site is

  • These tracks are available to play right on the website
  • You can download the MP3 to your computer.
  • Burn it onto a CD or
  • Transfer to an MP3 player to play through your home stereo.

So you can be jamming along with the tracks whereever, whenever.

JamPlay Review the pros and cons


  •     High Quality Video Guitar Lessons available in 3 different sizes to suit different internet speeds of the students
  •    The quality of the videos is really remarkable and that no one can challenge it.
  •    You can learn different Genres and Styles from 40+ different instructors along with 12+ hrs of webcam lessons once in a week.
  • Great Online support


  • No one can beat the immaculate video quality and genre based training of JamPlay but what I felt as a disadvantage is that the advanced lessons aren't as vast as the beginner guitar lessons. But not bad.
  • Another drawback that I found is the absence of a downloadable version. You need to be connected to the internet to take the lessons at JamPlay. Which makes the accessibility a bit difficult for students with limited access to internet.

   To Find out More about Jamplay Click Here.

Well I hope this JamPlay Review has helped :)

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