GuitarJamz Review

February 8, 2011

GuitarJamz Review

So here it is my GuitarJamz Review

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Guitar Jamz review


Publisher:Guitar Jamz

Website: www.guitarjamz.com

Price: Monthly Subscription
Access all of my
guitar lessons
for a small fee

$29/Month = $0.86 per day
Quarterly Subscription
Save Additional money
when you choose
the quarterly plan

$75/3 Months = $0.83 per day
Annual Subscription
Best Value
This breaks down to pennies
a day for Full site access

$139/12 Full Months = $0.38 per day

Suitable For: Beginner – Advanced

Money Back Guarantee: Yes 60-Days



GuitarJamz Review

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If you’re a beginning or intermediate level guitarist and are serious about expanding your guitar playing abilities, we feel that “GuitarJamz” is a must have in your guitar lesson arsenal.

If you have spent any time on youtube then you will have come across Marty Schwartz smiling underneath a jaunty hat, he’s one of the best-known online guitar instructors.

Covering guitar lessons of all sorts, he is capable of teaching you beginner acoustic, country guitar, blues and inspired blues. Although the basics are always same, this is where students love Marty’s lessons the most.

So what's included in Guitar Jamz

  • 148 high feature step by step instructional videos
  • 28 different jam tracks.
  • Electronic download of 2 ebooks
  • 44 chapters from “Beginner” and “Advanced”
  • Consists of one download containing all of the above, and live updates whenever the product is updated.

The content in this package is very well structured and organized. The Ultimate Guitar Learning Kit starts with the basics and builds upon each lesson in a logical  and step-by-step fashion.

Simple to navigate through all of the guitar lessons. The guitar lessons are supported through 148 video instructional lessons and 28 cool jam tracks that you can play right along with.

GuitarJamz Review is there a money back guarantee?

Marty even supplies product support by e-mail and there is a 60 day Money Back Guarantee, so if you don't like the guitar course you just ask for your money back no questions asked.

GuitarJamz Review – learning through videos is an excellent way to start learning acoustic guitar for the beginning guitarist, and also very useful for the intermediate level guitarist.

Marty has laid out the programme in a systematic way with highly professional videos which makes it simple to stay focused. The lessons are strong with clear explanations, as well as the graphics and layouts are presented in professional presentation format.

The Video lessons show both the right and the left hands simultaneously throughout the video presentations. There is also a fret board to show you the finger positions on the left hand. When you first start these simple things make it so much easier to follow instructions.

GuitarJamz Review

You can immediately download GuitarJamz, so that means that you won’t have to wait for the course to be shipped, or pay additional charges for shipping costs.

If you factor in the cost of guitar lessons with a private music instructor at as much as $50 per lesson, you start to see the benefits of the GuitarJamz program. Whether you use it to replace your professional instructor or to curb a few lessons by implementing the GuitarJamz guitar lessons, it seems to be a no-brainer.

You can even try before you buy What more could you ask, you can setup a free trial. Once you find his lessons helpful, you can buy them and continue learning to play your guitar.

His lessons include the easiest guitar learning instructions that even a kid can follow. Marty always try to keep things light while teaching so that you never feel stressed. Learning to play guitar with Marty is fun!

If you have been considering purchasing a guitar lessons program? But, you just can’t figure out which one to start with? Well, the GuitarJamz guitar lessons package is considered by many to be the best guitar lesson package available online. For that matter, if you don’t agree after purchasing this program, they do have a full 60 day money back guarantee. So even if you find that this package hasn’t met your needs, never fear, a refund is just a click away.

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I hope my GuitarJamz Review has been helpful :)


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